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Pharmacology is the study of different drugs, their mechanism of action, effects and side effects. Therefore it is indeed one of the most important subject for medical students. Because without a good knowledge of drugs, you cannot treat diseases and your knowledge of medicine is of no use. Therefore you must consult a good pharma book to have a good knowledge of different drugs and their best use. Here in this post i am going to list some of the best pharma books and their free pdf download links.

Best Pharmacology Books list:

Here is the list of Top Pharma books that are used by majority of students across the globe. You should use any of them for better understanding of pharmacology.

A-Z Drugs Information index page has a complete list of prescription and over the counter medications. Browse alphabetically through the pages to find information on any generic drug. Cims Drug Book Pdf Download Commission automatic transmission software in the vehicles. Check of software functionalities in the vehicles during summer and winter tests.

Here are the 4 best books that i have picked for you . You can Download these pharmacology ebooks and also read my reviews of these books from the links below.

  1. Lippincott Pharmacology.
  2. Basic And Clinical Pharmacology By Katzung.
  3. Rang And Dale pharmacology.
  4. Clinical Pharmacology Made ridiculously Simple.

1. Lippincott Pharmacology:

This is one of the most famous and best selling pharma book. It is published by the famous lippincott series. It has all the diagrams and tables of different classes of drugs.

Lippincott is the standard book of pharma and is used across the globe. This book has seven edition and many updated drugs in the latest edition. You can download this from the link below.

Lippincott pharmacology book download free:

Fifth edition of this book is available in pdf format. You can read my complete review of this book and download it free here.

Cims Drug Book 2017 Pdf Download

2. Katzung Pharmacology:

Cims Drug Book 2015 Pdf

According to my experience, this is the second best book of pharmacology that is used widely. I have read many of its positive reviews and many students use this book instead of lippincott pharmacolgy. So, this book has got second position in my list of best pharmacology books.

Download Basic and Clinical Pharmacology By Katzung free:

Read my complete review of katzung pharmacolgy and download it free in pdf here.

3. Rang And Dale Pharmacology:


This book has got third position in our list. The reason i place this book here is the lot of requests i received for this book. Also when i searched on internet, i found that this book is searched a lot on google which means that this book is highly famous and widely used. This book has all the positive reviews on amazon and other sites. Plus this is the best selling book as well on amazon and offline.

Download Rang and dale pharmacology pdf:

After i received requests to upload rang and dale pharmacology book, i checked it and wrote my own review. You can read my review of this book and download it in pdf format here.

4. Clinical Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple:

This on the the short book of pharmacology. The reason i have place the book here on 4th position is that, short books are also very important for exams and revisions. Many people request this book and this is one of the most used book of pharma among short books. So, if you want to give a quick revision for exams etc you should follow this book. It is one of the best for this subject.

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Download Clinical Pharmacology MRS pdf free:

You can download this book in pdf format for free and read my review here.

Final words:

This is the list of best pharmacology ebooks that i believe to be best ones for medical students. If you are a new one and don’t know which book to use, you should download these books using the review links above and read them yourself. After that you would be in a position to decide which one you should follow.

CIMS Healthcare Data Products

Cims Drug Book 2018 Pdf Download

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From print to mobile, web to integrated clinical systems, CIMS gives you the latest information in a consistent, familiar format that is easy to use and gives you confidence and peace of mind when prescribing, dispensing or administering medications.

CIMS Integrated

It is the CIMS knowledge you trust, integrated into your clinical software. It provides rapid access to a range of highly sophisticated knowledge bases that, when embedded in your patient management system, can identify when a medicine will interact with the patient’s current medications, health conditions, or known allergies.

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