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Most of our expiration will be based on these food safety expiration dates. Beyond Expiration. You can go even further beyond the safety expiration dates. This is taking matters into your own hands. When you go far beyond safety expiration dates there are several things you can look for to discern the potential for spoilage in that product. Cheez It Expiration Date Codes Do Cheez Its Expire Expiration dates can be hard to locate on a product and even more challenging to decipher. Currently, the United States does not have a regulated or standard system for coding expiration dates on food, except for those on baby food and infant formula.

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We're always here to help you gain insight into our company, our products and your health. You'll find our most frequently asked questions here – but feel free to Contact Us at any time if you don't find the answer you’re looking for.

Cheez It Expiration Date Codes

Company FAQ

Q: Do you offer tours of your facilities?

A: Because safety is paramount to us at Welch's, we currently aren't able to offer tours of our manufacturing facilities.

Q: How can I obtain shares of stock in your company?

Welch's is the manufacturing and marketing arm of The National Grape Cooperative Association, Inc. Since the company is an agricultural cooperative — owned by more than 1,200 grape-growing members — stock shares aren't available for public purchase.

Product FAQ

If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, in the list below, try checking out our health and nutrition FAQ page.


Cheez it expiration codes


Q. Do Welch's 100% juices have added sugar?

No, there's absolutely no sugar added to our 100% juice products. The grams of sugar you see on our labels actually refer to the naturally occurring fructose and glucose found in the fruit used to make our products. And, according to MyPyramid (, 100% fruit juice can help families achieve daily recommendations for fruit servings.

Q. Do Welch's juice products contain preservatives?

Welch’s ready-to-drink 100% Grape Juice and juice cocktails do not contain any preservatives. However, Welch’s ready-to-drink 100% White Grape Juice does contain the preservative potassium metabisulfite, which is added to prevent browning and maintain color. Welch’s 100% Sparkling Juices and Sparkling Juice Cocktails also contain potassium metabisulfite, as well as the preservative sodium benzoate. Many of our frozen concentrates and shelf stable concentrates contain sulfites to maintain flavor and color.

Q. Do Welch's jellies, jams and fruit spreads contain preservatives?

Most of our jellies, jams and fruit spreads do not contain preservatives. As long as the containers are refrigerated after opening, they should maintain their freshness for several months. Due to lower sugar levels, our reduced sugar jelly & spread do use a preservative to maintain freshness after the product is opened.

Q. Are Welch's juices and juice drinks pasteurized?

Yes, all Welch's juices and juice drinks are pasteurized. Welch’s was actually the first company to pasteurize juice and has been making 100% grape juice with our own growers’ Concord and Niagara grapes since 1869.

Q. Do Welch’s products contain gluten?

While most of Welch’s products are gluten-free, Welch’s Filled Licorice, available in Strawberry and Grape flavors, contains wheat as an ingredient.

Q. Are Welch’s products produced in a nut-free environment?

Welch’s 100% juices, juice beverages, jams, jellies and fruit snacks are produced in a nut-free environment. Welch's Dried Fruit is manufactured in a plant that also makes products that contain nuts and peanuts. Welch’s Dried Fruit is manufactured on separate equipment than the products that contain nuts. We recommend discussing this information with your physician to ensure that Welch’s Dried Fruit is right for you.

Q. What if I'm having difficulty locating one of your products?

We recommend asking your store manager to order the product for you so they can stock it on their store shelves. To find Welch's products in a store near you, call our Consumer Affairs department weekdays, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. ET at 1-800-340-6870.

Q. What does 'from concentrate” mean as noted on the label?

All juice manufacturers are required to state 'from concentrate' on their front label if their product contains any juice from concentrates.

Q. Are Welch's packages recyclable?

For years, our products have been packaged in containers made of 100% recyclable glass, aluminum or plastic. Our plastic juice containers are a number 1 PETE category and can be recycled with plastic soda bottles. The plastic can used for our frozen juices and juice cocktails is blow-molded and a recyclable number 2 plastic.
Welch's Squeezable Spreads and 10-ounce drink bottles are a recyclable number 7 plastic. If your community doesn't currently accept this type of plastic, you may want to contact the appropriate sources to encourage them to accept number 7 plastic.

Q. What does the code on a Welch's container mean?

The production code (or manufacture date) appears as a series of numbers and letters. One of two formats will appear and below is an example of each: 8N10C, would translate as follows:
8 = Year produced; last digit of year (2008)

N = Producing plant (in this case, North East, PA)

10 = Day of the month (tenth day of the month)

C = Month (A = January, B = February, C = March, etc.)

The above code would indicate the product was made March 10, 2008, at our North East, PA plant. The code might also include the time of day in military time and an additional letter to identify the product.

NE = Producing plant (in this case, North East, PA)

Cheez It Expiration Code

08 = Year produced; last digit of year (2008)

C = Month (A = January, B = February, C = March, etc.)

10 = Day of the month (tenth day of the month)

The above code, NE08C10, would indicate the product was made March 10, 2008, at our North East, PA plant. The code might also include the time of day in military time.
The code may appear around the rim of the lid, on the shoulder of the bottle, on the top or bottom of canned products, or, in the case of Sparkling Grape Juice Cocktail, on the label. Coding for Welch’s Fruit Snacks is imprinted across the top of the package, on the seam of the package or on the outside of the carton.

Q. How long can I store an opened bottle of Welch's juice in the refrigerator?

Welch's 100% juices and juice cocktails don't contain preservatives, so they must be refrigerated after opening. An opened bottle should be consumed in seven to 10 days.

Q. Should I refrigerate Welch's jellies, jams and fruit spreads?

Preservatives are not added to these products, so they must be refrigerated after opening.

Q. What’s the value of my Welch's jelly glass?

As with any collectible item, there's typically no set value – in fact, the owner usually determines the value. You may want to check your library, bookstore or an online auction for information regarding current values.

Cheez It Expiration Code List

Q. How can I get Welch's coupons?

Our coupons can frequently be found in women's magazines or in Sunday newspaper coupon supplements. Due to our volume of inquiries, we're unable to send coupons upon request.

Q. My label says I may be eligible for a 5-cent refund. How can I get my refund?

Some labels show a mandatory deposit for the states of Maine, California and/or Hawaii. The State of Maine has a mandatory deposit/return system in place, so the containers show a five-cent deposit for that state. California and Hawaii adopted a mandatory deposit/return system for certain fruit juice products, so some Welch's containers will show that too. This deposit/refund policy is not available in other states. If you don't live in Maine, California or Hawaii, we encourage you to recycle your containers through local recycling programs.

Q. Can I buy Welch's directly from the company?

Welch's is represented by a network of sales brokers and contracts with them will not allow us to sell directly to consumers.

Q. Your frozen juices never seem completely frozen at the grocery store – and they won't freeze hard in my freezer. Why is that?

The natural sugar solids of some Welch's frozen concentrated 100% juices and juice cocktails produce a 'soft freeze' in many freezers. Temperatures of nearly 0°F are required for a hard freeze. As long as the product has been kept in the freezer, a liquid or slushy state isn’t unusual or a problem.

Q. How do I remove a grape juice stain from my child's clothing?

Unfortunately, grape juice contains a natural pigment that can result in a dark-colored stain. We've listed a few helpful stain removal tips here - but keep in mind we can't guarantee these suggestions will completely remove this natural stain.

General Stain Removal Rules

If possible, treat the stain while it's fresh, before it dries. Try to work carefully, but quickly.

Try simple methods first – such as using a sponge to dab with cold water. If possible, try normal washing with household detergent immediately after rinsing with cool water.

Know your fabric or material. What fibers does it contain? Does it wash or clean easily?


Use stain removers sparingly, and be sure to test for color change on a sample of the fabric, a piece of the hem, or other unexposed area.

Wet as little of the fabric as possible with the stain remover. Use light brushing motions, and never 'scrub' a remover into the stain. Rinse well immediately – removers should never be left to dry.

When using a liquid stain remover, spread it into the fabric around the stain and then brush gently. Dry rapidly to help prevent rings, and launder or dry clean the garment as soon as possible.

How to read a cheez it expiration codes

Solvent-based cleaners (carbon tetrachloride, gasoline, perclene) don’t work well on dark-colored fruit stains. For stain removal on white fabrics, packaged color or dye removers may be used safely.

Q. What’s the difference between jelly, jam, preserves and spreads?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration defines these terms, and the definitions can be lengthy. However, as a general rule: Jelly is made from fruit juice; Jam is made from pureed fruit; Preserves are made from whole fruit; Spreads are made from whole fruit and/or pureed fruit.

Q. What’s the difference among 100% Juice, Juice Cocktails, and Juice Drinks?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration defines these terms, and the definitions can be lengthy. However, as a general rule: “100% Juice” is either squeezed directly from the fruit or made from concentrated juice that is reconstituted with water. Welch’s 100% Juices never contain any added sweeteners. “Juice Cocktails” and “Juice Drinks” are formulated with less than 100% juice and, in most cases, contain added sweeteners as well. Note: You can find the juice content of all Welch’s Juice Beverages above the Nutrition Facts panel of the product label, shown as a percentage.

Q. Do Welch’s No. 7 plastic bottles contain Bisphenol A (BPA)?

No. It is important for consumers to understand that not all No. 7 plastics contain Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is not used in any of Welch’s plastic bottles.

Q. What does the No. 7 symbol on the container mean to me as a consumer?

The #7 indicator which is typically located on the bottom of plastic containers, is a recycling code which is used for all plastics that do not fit into the #1 through #6 designation. The #7 includes many different types of plastics, but does not mean it contains BPA. The #7 indicates what an item is made of so that recycling plants know how to categorize and recycle it.

Cheez It Expiration Date Format

Q. Recent media coverage has focused on plastics made with Bisphenol A, a potential hormone disrupting chemical that may also be carcinogenic. What is BPA?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that is used to make polycarbonate, “PC”, containers. Common uses for polycarbonate have been baby bottles, water bottles for hikers, and 5-gallon water containers. Welch’s does not use any polycarbonate containers and Welch’s No. 7 plastics do not contain BPA.

Q. Can I use Welch's products past the 'Best By' date?

It depends on the product: Shelf-stable (unrefrigerated) juice beverages gradually lose their flavor and appearance after the “Best By” date. However, they remain safe to drink indefinitely as long as the safety seal is intact. In other words, you can drink Welch’s shelf-stable beverages after the Best By date if the seal is intact, and if you find the flavor and appearance to be acceptable. Refrigerated juice beverages will begin to spoil after the Best By date, even when kept refrigerated. The more time passes, the more spoilage is likely to occur. Therefore, we do not recommend drinking Welch’s refrigerated beverages after the Best By date. Note: Upon opening, Welch’s juice beverages (both shelf-stable and refrigerated) should be consumed within 7-10 days.

Q. What is Farmer's Pick by Welch's 100% Juice?

Farmer’s Pick by Welch’s is a line of 100% juices that contains nothing artificial and delivers fresh-picked fruit taste. With flavors like Concord Grape, Mango and Blackberry, Farmer’s Pick is perfect for those looking for authentic flavor and variety with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. And, unlike most 100% fruit juices in the juice aisle, Farmer’s Pick contains unfiltered juice, which gives the product body, aroma, and a fresh-picked fruit taste.

Q. Farmer's Pick contains unfiltered juice. What does unfiltered mean?

Unfiltered is related to how the juice is made. By not filtering the juice, you get more real fruit goodness in every glass. Unfiltered juice contains more of the fruit to deliver more body, aroma and fresh-picked fruit taste. › ★ ★ ★ Pop Tarts Expiration Date Codes

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