Change Font Size In Thunderbird Inbox

Restart Thunderbird 68 - that's it-What this small files will fix/change: 1. Font size of the listed emails in your inbox will be increased. Unread messages are listed in warm orange: 3. The buttons in the message header will also be in warm orange (background) 4.

  • Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ or CTRL+. To make font size larger. This shortcut key helps you to enlarge or maximize the font size of the selected text inside the message box. Press the CTRL key and the key that contains both. On the keyboard to perform this action.
  • In Thunderbird, you can set custom font faces and sizes for reading plain-text e-mails. However, Thunderbird sometimes 'randomly' does not respect your choices. This is actually not a bug, but a rather weird feature: Fonts are defined per encoding of e-mails. Some e-mails will be considered Unicode, some Western (ISO 8859-1), and some maybe yet.
My wife's CRT finally died and I bought a 21' flat screen. She has extremely poor vision and I've bumped up the system fonts to extra large (Windows XP) and increased Thunderbird's minimum font size for emails to 24 (why the limitation of 24?) in Thunderbird for reading/creating emails.
With CRTs I could change the resolution so that the font size was huge but no so with flat screens (yes, the native resolution can be changed but the results are awful).
Change font size in thunderbird inbox accountIt's almost impossible for her to read the GUI's text. All my searches for font size for Firefox ( and Thunderbird return changing font size within text or within the browser which I already know how to modify.
I showed her the magnifier and she hates it.

Change Fonts In Thunderbird

My question is this: How do I change the font size of the Mozilla/Thunderbird's GUI? Such as, the text within tabs or the text next to icons or the subject lines and so forth?
HowMy other question (Firefox question) is how do I change the text within a textfield (like the one I'm currently inputting into)? I can use Ctrl+ to increase the font size of everything in the browser, but the text isn't not dark enough. Ideally, she needs Arial Bold with a size of about 40.
InboxI read a few articles about FirefoxdefaultsprofilechromeuserChrome.css but I couldn't figure out the syntax or find a tutorial. And I didn't know what parameters to change.

Change Font Size In Thunderbird Inbox Gmail

Thunderbird adjust font size

Change Font Size In Thunderbird Inbox

SizeI tried changing a few tags but the css didn't seem to load anyway (according to FileMonitor).