Brookfield Rvt Viscometer Conversion

We are often asked if there is a way for our customers to quickly and easily measure the viscosity of water borne adhesives in their manufacturing facility. Usually, the person wants to know if a Zahn cup can be used to measure the viscosity of the glue. The short answer is maybe, but with some important considerations.

Brookfield Rvt Viscometer Conversions

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Zahn cups are simple to use and inexpensive ($100 each.) They are cups designed with a hole in the bottom and are intended to be dipped into the liquid that is to be measured. A stopwatch is used to time how long it takes to empty the contents of the cup by draining the liquid through the hole. The results are measured in, “Zahn Seconds.” Only low viscosity material is suited to measurement by use of a Zahn cup, generally no higher than 1500 cps. It is important to recognize that Zahn cups measure viscosity under conditions of no shear. Shear (force) affects the apparent viscosity of all water borne emulsions. All methods of applying glue exert shear force on the glue, causing the viscosity to be altered while it is under shear. This can lead to confusing results.


Brookfield Engineering manufactures viscometers that have become the standard tool for measuring viscosity in our industry. The instrument can measure viscosity under various levels of shear and report the result in centipoise. Quality assurance testing is performed at a specified set of conditions, such as defining the spindle, the rotational speed and the temperature of the test conditions. Brookfield viscometers produce values that are more relevant to understanding how an adhesive is likely to behave on application equipment. Unfortunately, Brookfield viscometers are not as inexpensive or simple to operate as a Zahn cup ($3000 and requires a technician.)

However, a Zahn cup may be useful in some circumstances. If the adhesive viscosity is below 1500 cps and the user is willing to build a history of measurements using a Zahn cup, then it may be useful in determining whether or not a particular sample is in the typical viscosity range.

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Brookfield Rvt Viscometer ConversionConversionBrookfield Rvt Viscometer Conversion

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