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Swap ageregression ageprogression bodyswap headswap ageswap age ageregression ar. Popular All Time. Dawn and CynthiaAge Swap. AntiGravity Falls. Gravitty Falls-Mansion Foster: Gender and Age swap. 1.3K Favourites. The Age Regression Story Archive. 2005 Holiday Story Contest (6) Christmas, New Year's or any other Holiday of this part of the year has to be the cause or setting of the story and someone has to be transformed because of a gift - whether the gift was intended for them or not.

Welcome to my Spells R Us Archive. back in '97 when I first popped on the Internet, I came across one of the Transformation Story Archives, in fact it was The Transformation Archive run by Thomas Hassan. As I was reading the changed sex stories, on down to the Mythological stories, I chanced on at the time, a rather small selection of Spells R Us. Spells R Us was started with the story Strangeness at The Frat House written by Bill Hart. What drew me to the Universe was the fact that it had everything I was looking for in one universe. Transgender, age Regression, and every other Transformation concievable. Eventually other talented writers added to the universe eventually prompting me to write my own SRU story which is listed in the Archive below. My goal now is to collect as many SRU stories as the writers allow me, or until I run out of space and keep them here for all to enjoy. Now.. Welcome to my Archive....

Brief key on stories
Body Swap Age Regression TF-Transformation-Furry/Creature
AR-Age Regression
AP-Age Progression
IT-Inanimate TransformationBody swap age regression assumptionsBody swap age regression

A Strangeness at The Sorority House By Bill Hart TG,TF

A Friend in Need By Bill Hart TG
Aftermath By Morpheus TG
Anniversary Gift by Morpheus TG
Another Friend in Need By Bill Hart TG
Bad Girl By Morpheus
Beauty Wash By Morpheus TG
Best Friends By Bill Hart TG
Bottle of Wishes By Morpheus TG
Circe's Wand By Morpheus TF
Collars By James S. Cole TF
Costume Box By Steve Zink TG
Curse Box By Morpheus TG,AR IT
Dennis the Menance By Morpheus TG,AR AP
Family Squabble By Morpheus TG
Feminine Mystique By Morpheus TG
Friends are thicker than wishes By Bill Hart ***The 2 Year SRU Anniversary Story.*** TG
Gang Banger's A SRU Tale By Carolyn Collins TG
Going Through Changes By Morpheus TG,AR,TF
Good Wife's Guide By Darkside TG hinted at
Halloween Party By Bill Hart TG
Heart's Desire By Bill Hart TF
Hiss By Morpheus TF
In The Belly of the Beast By XoYo IT
Pick a Card By Brandy Dewinter TG
Potion Number 6 By Bill Hart TG
Power Struggle By Morpheus TG
Ranma By Morpheus TG
Replacement Wanted By Bill Hart TG,AR
Spells R Us Thriftstore Purchases By Thomas Silver TG
Student Exchange By Bill Hart TG,AR,AP IT
The Bimboizer By Morpheus TG
The Game By Morpheus TG,TF,AR, IT
The Dance by Hawkyn TG
The Doll By Morpheus TG
The Magician's Apprentice By Bill Hart TG
The More Things Change... By Morpheus TG
The Vacation By Morpheus TG
Time Flies By Morpheus AR AP
Turnabout By Morpheus TG
UnReally Real By Ran Dandell TG/TF
Wizard's College Days By Eric TG
You Are What You Eat By Morpheus TG

Body Swap Age Regression
This Transformation Ring site owned by Thomas Silver.
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This list contains links to other sites where transformation-themed stories are archived. It is deliberately indiscriminate and is organized alphabetically. Users are invited to create other lists organized by theme or quality.

Body Swap Age Regression Coefficient

  • AR Story Archive - An Archive of Age Regression and Age Progression stories and images.
  • The Chakat's Den - Stories about chakats (hermaphroditic feline centaurs). Some of the stories or settings involving Chakats have to do with humans being inadvertently transformed into Chakats.
  • Chaos Keep - Fox Cutter's List of stories
  • Choose Your Own Change - A large archive of various transformation stories of all types. Many consist of transformation vignettes or soft (or hard) porno, but there are some gems in the rough if you dig. There may occasionally be some fun in the chatrooms
  • Cubists TSA-ish website - Cubist maintains a website archiving 'List Transformed', 'Tales of the Blind Pig', and other stories.
  • Dragon's Transformation Stories - Mostly by Dragon, but also with an archive of others' works.
  • Eka's Portal - An archive of vorarephilia and unbirthing stories, art, and discussion forums. Mostly X-rated, catering to those with the vore/unbirth fetishes, but some of the stories (especially those of Throat Wolf) involve vore as a non-fatal means of transformation.
  • The Legacy of Timeless Beauty archive - A large collection of statue, mannequin, doll, android, and other similar inanimate TF stories.
  • Mermaid's Tail Gallery - Primarily a photomorph site, but most of the pictures have stories written for them. They're not all mermaids either, though aquatic forms are heavily represented.
  • Metamor Keep - The master archive of ALL stories in the 'Metamor Keep' story universe.
  • Raven's Lair - The Stories - A large collection of 'Tales of the Blind Pig' stories, 'Metamor Keep' stories, and lots of other unique stuff, including the results of a number of story contests.
  • Sapphire's Place - A large and regularly updated archive of trans-gender stories.
  • Socks' Furvect page with various miscellaneous TF stories.
  • Tales from the Blind Pig - An attempt to create an archive of ALL the stories in the 'Tales of the Blind Pig' story universe.
  • 'Taur Tales - A repository for four-legged literature - A collection of 'taur stories, some with more than four legs.
  • Transformation Story Archive (TSA) - The venerable TSA, the first major online repository of general transformation stories. Hasn't been updated in recent years, but spawned a community of transformation fans.
  • Transformation Stories, Art and Talk - A bimonthly ezine (now deceased) whose 48 issues feature original transformation stories and other related material.
  • Transplanted Life - a TG story in LiveJournal format that's been running continuously since July 2003.
  • Von Krieger's Yiff Star site featuring a large collection of stories by Von Krieger, many with TFs in them.
  • Winds of Change Archive - The master archvie of ALL the stories in the 'Winds of Change' story universe.
  • The Winds of Change Round Robin Page - Two massive ongoing stories with rotating authors set in the 'Winds of Change' story universe. Sadly no longer updated.
  • If WisheRs were Horses... Stories - A collection of various equine (all types) transformation stories.
  • Rodford Edmiston's stories - More than a decade's worth of tales, most of them involving transformation.

Body Swap Age Regression Assumptions

  • Catprog's Interactive Stories - A collection of interactive stories.
  • CYOC also hosts interactive stories, where authors can write their own chapters.
  • Furrventure - Another interactive collection of TF-related stories.
  • Phaedrus' Interactive Stories - Another collection of interactive stories.
  • Fiction Branches - Much like Choose your own change, authors can contribute their own stories or episodes to continuing plots
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