Automation Studio Free

Get first hand experience with NICE RPA free trial edition, the only tool that lets you create your automation – attended and unattended, all within a single platform. Our free trial of RPA technology allows you to get a first taste of this powerful Automation tool.

Automation Studio provides a wide selection of diagnostic tools for reading system information and for optimizing the system. Using the System Diagnostics Manager, extensive information about the target system can be read using standard Web access. Remote maintenance - From process management to firmware exchange and everything in between. Heeding to the growing demand for faster- time-to-market, pCloudy brings to you a codeless automation studio, Opkey, with which tests can be automated by anyone in the entire team and which can run on multiple devices. In other words, you can create automation tests without writing a single line of code.

NICE RPA free trial edition includes:

Automation Studio Free

Automation Studio 6

  • Fresh, user-friendly interface with built-in intelligence and guidance to significantly shorten and simplify your development time
  • Cloud-based solution with continuous delivery of the most up-to-date capabilities and components, directly to your desktop
  • Build any type of automation, attended or unattended, using a single tool
  • Access a world of content, tutorials and best-practices in building automations
  • 1 Year access to develop your own automations, and get certified on NICE’s leading design environment - Automation Studio
  • No credit card is required for the process. Enjoy the perks of RPA, free of charge.