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I've just won a single track free music download from a competition and, unfortunately, the file has been automatically saved in WMA format as opposed to MP3.
As a 'purchased' music file it has all the DRM license information included.
I have no experience with WMA files and store everything on my NW-HD1 (and the library in SS v3.1) in ATRAC 3 plus format.
Before I attempt to upload the track to my SS library and make a hash of it, please could someone advise the best way to convert this file to ATRAC whilst retaining the rights infomation and then upload it into My Library for transfer to the player.
Thank you for any assistance.

Adobe Flash Player Version By clicking the Download now button, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Adobe Software Licensing Agreement. Download Sony ATRAC3 Audio Codec - ATRAC3 achieves twice the data compression rate of ATRAC with virtually no loss in sound quality and reduces the size of audios.

Sony Atrac

  1. 'Windows users can download this file, unpack it into a new folder, then right click on the atrac3.inf file and choose 'Install'. This loads an ATRAC3 codec (.acm file) into the system so that.wav files containing ATRAC3 audio can be played (and recorded!) with your normal system tools'.
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