Aoe2 The Conquerors Download Full Version

If you can run Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, you can run the expansion, provided you have the additional hard drive space: 50 MB for a minimal install or 200 MB for a full install. I recommend the full install for best performance. AOEII: The Conquerors is an expansion pack and requires Age of Kings to play. Age Of Empires 2 The Conquerors Free Download. Age Of Empires 2 The Conquerors free. download full Version And Highly Compressed PC Game. Download Crack And Game In Direct Download Links For Windows. About This Age Of Empires II The Conquerors Game. Genre: Strategy Platform: PC Language: English Size: 558 MB Release Date: 25 August, 2000.

Aoe2 The Conquerors Download Full Version

Aoe2 The Conquerors Download Full Version Download

Download Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors 1.0c update. Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors 1.0c update. This will update your version of the great Age of Empires 2 expansion to the latest version.


Develop and coordinate a strong army in this great strategy game

Aoe2 The Conquerors Download Full Version


Free Aoe 2 Full Download

  • You can play in campaign mode or have fun in random combats
  • Large numbers of technologies and units to develop
  • Various conflict modes


  • Its graphics are not at the level of current games
Aoe2 The Conquerors Download Full Version

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion has taken up its place in the history of real-time strategy games since, besides having an enormous distribution all over the world, it has entertained millions of people on the planet.
What is “Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion” about?
Age of Empires II is a sequel, but it was more successful than the saga’s first version. In this case, The Conquerors Expansion adds improvements and new features to the game.
The outstanding thing in this title is that it will take you to fierce battles over the control of a level’s resources and your survival as well as your civilization’s, which is under your responsibility, and therefore, you have the obligation of developing it.
However, achieving this is easier said than done. The thing is that the game will take you through 300 years of history and confront you with the fiercest group of warriors that have inhabited any part of the Earth during this time period.
Fortunately for you, you’ll be able to choose to control only one of these groups, and with it, the civilization that originated it. Thus, you’ll have to coordinate the efforts of your selfless villagers in order to build strong foundations that will let you develop a strong army. Although the society isn’t measured by its capacity to destroy others, developing this aspect is the only thing that will let you and your people survive the imminent threats from your enemies.
To build up the civilization and develop it you have to coordinate two basic actions: gathering resources and developing technologies. Although one invariably precedes the other one, over time the mutual influence between both determine the success of your objectives.
Once you get the resources and start developing the technologies that will give you the abilities and skills to rise over your enemies in decisive moments of your people’s history, you’ll be able to create your army. But beware! Don’t waste time, for your enemies won’t be slow, nor will they show compassion.
Choose a civilization and become a conqueror
As couldn’t have been otherwise, great adventures require great adventurers. Thus, this game shows the societies that have undisputedly obtained their place in the pages of world history thanks to actions that have changed the entire world’s destiny.
The civilizations you can choose for your fun include the Chinese, Japanese, Teutons, English, Mayans, Aztecs, French, Scotch, Vikings and many others. With them you’ll be able to wage large battles in frozen territory, forests, large deserts, fertile lands full of gold and resources, but also in large lakes or on the high sea where galleons and frigates will ceaselessly fight.
Each people and map will have its distinctive sounds and other details. For example, in the case of the civilizations it will be possible to enjoy wardrobes, architecture and expressions in their original language. In the case of the maps, the characteristic flora and fauna is shown, along with their ambient sounds.
The game includes two main variants:
Standard game. In this mode, the user can choose what civilization to control, and select up to eight different peoples with which he’ll be confronted. These high-complexity combat classes can be carried out in cruel battles with no regards to sides, or they can be coordinated with diplomacy to form alliances or attack coalitions.
Besides, it is possible to determine the map size and the amount of resources, which will be great in case you want to spice up the encounters, especially when more than two civilizations are confronted.
You’ll also be able to choose what sort of map will give the game its physical context; that is, whether it will be on the shore or coast, in the desert, etc. Among other variables, it is important to determine what will define a victory.
That is to say, if you win by destroying all buildings and units (soldiers and peasants), the game is played as “total combat”. If you win by killing the king, regardless of the harm caused to cities, it will be a “regicide” campaign. Finally, if you play to destroy the means of obtaining resources, it will be a victory by “conquest”.
Campaign. In this mode you’ll recreate real battles and invasions. This will let you participate in the liberation of France, oppressed under the English, under the guidance of Joan of Arc, or the liberation of Scotland also from England, under the giant William Wallace.
Other campaigns are Barbarossa, the search for the Holy Grail and the defense of Tenochtitlan under the orders of Moctezuma and his Mexicans. To top it off, you’ll also be able to play with Attila and Saladin.
Multiplayer. In this game mode, you’ll be able to confront your friends or strangers over LAN connections or the Internet. In both cases, it is important that you practice enough beforehand, since it is only possible to carry out standard games. And they escalate very quickly!
In summary, Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion has everything. It will not only give you great fun for hours and an excellent way to invest your leisure time, it will also let you experience mankind’s great moments in a truly entertaining way.

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Age of Empires 2 The Conquerors Overview

Age Of Empires 2 Download Full Version

Age of Empires 2 The Conquerors Free Download for PC (sometimes abbreviated to AoC or AoK: TC) is the first expansion pack to the 1999 real-time strategy game Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings. The Conquerors is the fourth installment in the Age of Empires series by Microsoft Game Studios and Ensemble Studios. It features five new civilizations (the Aztecs, Mayans, Spanish, Koreans, and Huns), four new campaigns, eleven new units, twenty-six new technologies, new gameplay modes, new maps and different minor tweaks to the gameplay.

Aoe2 the conquerors download full version torrent

Aoe2 The Conquerors Download Full Version Torrent

A second expansion, the semi-official The Forgotten, was released exclusively on Steam in Fall 2013, over a decade since the release of The Conquerors.

Gameplay changes

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