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Commander Side-By-Side
National originUnited States
ManufacturerAir Command International
StatusIn production (2012)
Unit cost
Developed fromAir Command Commander
Air Command Elite GyroplaneAir

The Air Command Commander Side-By-Side is an Americanautogyro designed and produced by Air Command International of Caddo Mills, Texas. The aircraft is supplied as a kit for amateur construction.[1]

I'v flown Air Command gyrocopters since 1984 when they came out. They stole the market then as the best built gyrocopter since gyro's came out. Its still one of the best built and flying gyrocopters on the market. I have well over 1000 hours flying Gyrocopters. The Air Command Commander Elite is an American autogyro that was designed and produced by Air Command International of Caddo Mills, Texas. When it was available the aircraft was supplied as a kit for amateur construction or as a conversion kit for the earlier Air Command Commander.

Design and development[edit]

The Commander Side-By-Side provides an unusual gyroplane design in that it has side-by-side configuration seating. The gyroplane was designed to comply with the US Experimental - Amateur-built rules. It features a single main rotor, a two-seat open cockpit without a windshield, tricycle landing gear and a four-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke, 115 hp (86 kW) Subaru EJ22 automotive conversion engine in pusher configuration driving the propeller though a Gilmer belt reduction drive.[1]

The aircraft's 29 ft (8.8 m) diameter Rotordyne rotor has a chord of 8 in (20.3 cm). The Side-By-Side has an empty weight of 485 lb (220 kg) and a gross weight of 926 lb (420 kg), giving a useful load of 441 lb (200 kg). Optional equipment available includes a folding mast, hydraulic wheel brakes and an electric trim system.[1]

Specifications (Commander Side-By-Side)[edit]

Data from Bayerl[1]

General characteristics

  • Crew: one
  • Capacity: one passenger
  • Empty weight: 485 lb (220 kg)
  • Gross weight: 926 lb (420 kg)
  • Fuel capacity: 10 U.S. gallons (38 L; 8.3 imp gal)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Subaru EJ22 four cylinder, air-cooled, four stroke automotive conversion, 115 hp (86 kW)
  • Main rotor diameter: 29 ft 0 in (8.85 m)
  • Propellers: 3-bladed composite
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  • Maximum speed: 99 mph (160 km/h, 86 kn)
  • Cruise speed: 75 mph (120 km/h, 65 kn)
Air Command Elite Gyroplane

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Air Command Elite Gyroplane

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