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So as most games, Wartune has it’s own “slang” that most new players don’t know. Here are the most common or most frequently asked about from the game. (Updates may happen).

MP: Multiplayer Dungeon

GT: Guild Tree

AFK: Away From Keyboard

DC: Disconnect(ed)

R: Ready

NM: Nightmare

GM: Guild Master

GS: Game Sage

BG: Battlegrounds

WB: World Boss (or Welcome Back lol)

ToK: Tower of Kings (An MP lvl 38+)

GOD: Garden of Death (An MP lvl 50+)

DT: Demon Temple (An MP lvl 65+)

DA: Divine Altar

BR: Battle Rating

EXP: Experience (I have gotten asked about this before…)

WC: World Chat

GC: Guild Chat

PM: Private Message

At lvl 12, you have the option of joining or creating a guild of your own. (Note that unless you are on a brand new server, recruiting members for a new guild is pretty hard as most will go to stronger guilds. Not impossible to start a new guild, but may not grow as fast as you hope it would.) I HIGHLY recommend joining a guild as it benefits your toon greatly, and guilds are a main social aspect to this game.

Guild Tree (GT):

Guild tree is a daily event in which your Guild Master (GM) summons a tree in guild chamber usually at a pre-determined time. (If you do not know your guild’s GT time, don’t be hesitant to ask in guild chat.) Members then get a chance to energize the tree as well as collect contribution fruit and ore. As long as you are in the guild chamber when GT is summoned, you will gain EXP every so often until GT is over. NOTE: If you are camping at a level, pop in to energize the tree and then leave right away. The picture on the left shows what your GT will look like.

Aeria Wartune

Guild Skills:

One way guilds really benefit your character is through the use of guild skills. You always have the option of contributing gold to your guild. That gold will then turn into guild contribution which you may spend on guild skills (or anything related to the guild.) These skills add on to your stats, increasing every time you level them. Guild skills max out at level 10. IF YOU LEAVE a guild, your guild skills will no longer be in effect; HOWEVER, will return to you as soon as you join a new guild. This picture shows what guild skills will look like when buying them.

Guild Territory:

So this small picture is a glimpse of what your guild territory will look like. (The blank spot on the left is where your Guild Vault is supposed to be.) Guild shop and altar will need guild contribution to use. You can buy many things at guild shop such as attack potions, luck stones, and legendary stones. Altar is like a prize wheel where you earn a random prize each spin. (Although still kind of rare, if you are a non-casher, this is your best bet for crypt keys, mount whips, and socketing rods.) Guild vault is where you can store extra belongings you have no room for in inventory. If you leave a guild, everything within the vault will be sent to your mailbox. Your guild skill level can never go past the skill tower level if your GM hasn’t maxed to level 10 yet. Also, depending on the level of altar and guild shop; somethings may not be unlocked yet. Everything in guild territory has a max level of 10.

Divine Altar:

Divine Altar is another event your GM can unlock, usually at a pre-determined time. Here, guild members must protect their altar from waves of monsters coming from either side. If you look at the picture, this is the layout of what divine altar looks like. Think of the layout as the letter n. Waves of monsters will periodically come out of the bottom points of the n and try and get to the middle of the n. You do not want that as that is where your guild’s altar is. As each new wave comes, the monsters are harder and harder to defeat. If you are a player with lower BR, still attack every monster you see even if you know you are going to die. This stalls the monsters from your altar, and you can notify a higher BR player to come and kill the monster you are fighting. Do not feel discouraged, every little bit counts! Small rewards are given once your altar’s HP falls to 0.


Guild ranking goes as shown (Highest-Lowest): Guild Master-Assistant Guild Master-Guild Officer-Member


Wartune Aeria Games

Only the top 8 guilds in guild strength may participate in guild war. (Where one guild fights another. 50 guild members are allowed per battle on each team.)

Guild Chests are given out to members by the guild master. (Only the top 8 guilds receive guild chests.)

NOTE: This may be updated later as somethings may have been forgotten. Please bear with me.

Aeria Games Wartune


Wartune Aeria Games

I hope this helps some. Feel free to comment any input or ask any questions.