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Region of originIndia
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Alternative spellingDipa
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Deepa or Dipa (Hindi : दीपा) is a Hindu/Sanskrit Indian popular feminine given name, which means 'lamp' and 'light'.


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Notable people named Deepa[edit]

  • Deepa Bhaskar, Indian actress
  • Deepa Bhatia, Indian film editor
  • Deepa Chari, Indian actress and model
  • Deepa Dasmunsi (born 1960), Indian politician and member of the 15th Lok Sabha
  • Deepa Fernandes, Indian-American journalist and radio host
  • Deepa Gahlot, Indian critic and writer
  • Deepa Jayakumar (born 1974), Indian politician
  • Deepa Kaul (born 1944), Indian politician and social worker
  • Deepa Kumar (born 1968), American-Indian professor and writer
  • Deepa Malik (born 1970), Indian athlete
  • Deepa Marathe (born 1972), Indian cricketer
  • Deepa Mehta (born 1950), Canadian-Indian director and screenwriter
  • Deepa Miriam (born 1981), Indian singer
  • Deepa Nair (born 1979), Indian actress
  • Deepa M. Ollapally, American political scientist
  • Deepa Shree Niraula (born 1975), Nepalese actress
  • Deepa Parab (born 1981), Indian actress and entertainer
  • Deepa Sahi (born 1965), Indian actress and producer
  • Deepa Sannidhi (born 1990), Indian actress
  • Deepa Sashindran (born 1974), Indian choreographer and dancer
  • Deepa Venkat, Indian actress in Tamil films and television

Notable people named Dipa[edit]

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  • Dipa Nusantara Aidit (1923–1965), Indonesian politician
  • Dipa Karmakar (born 1993), Indian gymnast
  • Dipa Khondokar, Bangladeshi actress
  • Dipa Ma (1911–1989), Indian meditation teacher
  • Dipa Shah, Indian actress
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Bhubaneswar: Popular Odia actress Deepa Sahoo is said to be in a critical state and is currently under treatment at the Capital Hospital here. She has been battling cancer for over a year now.

Deepa Venkat - Wikipedia

Superintendent of the hospital Narayan Sethi informed that Sahoo is being given the necessary treatment and care.

Sahoo, also known as Album Queen, was the face of several Odia Pop albums namely Hai Hai to Malliphulla, Pana Pataria Mora, Mast Mast Chali Tora, Dabu Jadi Gori Tu Dil Dei Ja, and others. She also forayed into television and had played a negative character in a popular soap.

Actress Deepa Photos

Dr. Lakhmidhar Sahoo, Director, Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar