Aamva Format

License is a parser/decoder for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators(AAMVA) format that is used to encode the magnetic stripe found on Driver's Licenses in the US and Canada. Most data is available both in its raw and decoded form. You should refer to the latest specification at www.aamva.org for details on the field contents. Starting and ending sentinals in the track data are optional.

  1. Aamva Magnetic Stripe Format
  2. Aamva Barcode Format
  3. Aamva Format

@emottau I would suggest to refer to AAMVA DL spec (Table D.1 — 2D symbols header format). Also, if you see any issue in parsing please open new issue as this is closed. Also, if you see any issue in parsing please open new issue as this is closed. Reset your password on AAMVA’s Web Site and return to the SharePoint Site to log in with your new password. If you need help logging into the system, please contact customer support.

Load the tracks you have available, only track 1 is mandatory. Not all magnetic stripe readers can read track 3.

(1). If expiration date year is 2077, license never expires. Otherwise, this field represents the last valid date.

(2). Height is in inches or cm depending on country. Weight is in pounds or kg. Call the country method to determine country of origin: USA, MEX or CAN.

(3). This the raw hair color, e.g. BRO. For a description, call the haircolor method.


Attempts to determine country of origin from the ISO ID. Returns CAN, MEX or USA.

Aamva Magnetic Stripe Format


Aamva Barcode Format

Aamva Format

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To install Parser::AAMVA::License, copy and paste the appropriate command in to your terminal.

Aamva Format

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