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There are a variety of games on the Google Play Store that allow us to play different roles. We can be a doctor managing a clinic, a professional chef, a mayor of a great virtual city, and even a soldier at war, fighting for his or her country’s peace. On today’s app list, we will be tackling some Android games that let you become a soldier without having to undergo rigorous training. With these games, you can feel how it is to become a soldier. You can even command a war in a peaceful and fun way.

World War

The World War app is a text-based online multiplayer game that lets you play the role of a general. You will be able take missions and build your own army. You will face challenges, daring missions, and battle other players to create an army that will rule the world.

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  2. Soldier Games are shooting and war games about members of the army. In our free online collection of the best fun soldier games in the world, here on Silvergames.com, you will learn to lead your squad of toy soldiers to victory. Protect peaceful places like the world of Minecraft and Lego city with the help of the soldiers you command.

Soldier 3d Model

Launching the app will let you choose a country. Each country will have its own special abilities such as additional energy points, additional power to air units, and additional health points. Energy points are used to perform certain actions in the game, such as doing missions. Once all your energy points are used up, you will have to wait for it to replenish. You also have to keep watch on your Health points before battling other players online.

Doing missions lets you gain experience points and earn virtual money. Accumulating enough experience points will let you gain a level and will unlock new missions and more units to deploy. You will also receive stat points to increase the strength of your army. You can also improve your army by inviting your friends and battling your enemies together.


As the name suggests, FRONTLINE COMMANDO lets you play as the last standing commando, defending your post from enemy attacks. This game will let you become the sole commando, and you will have to avoid waves of bullets, shoot your enemies, and accomplish your mission.

You can control the game by using its virtual buttons. Just drag across the screen to aim and press the button to shoot your enemies. You can also move right or left by tapping the arrows on the screen. Use the walls to keep yourself safe from enemy bullets.

3d Bio Soldier Game Download

The game also features a virtual shop where you can buy additional weapons. You can equip two weapons during a mission. Make sure to equip the right weapon before doing missions. You can also purchase additional weapons in two ways: using in-game money or exchanging your real money for Glu points. The game can be played for free but, in return, you can only use limited choices of weapons. Most of the powerful weapons can be purchased with Glu points. Essential equipment, such as the medical kit, will also require Glu points.

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The game also lets you do missions and battle tough bosses. Accomplishing missions will let you earn experience points that will let you level up. Increasing your character’s level will unlock new and powerful weapons in the shop. You can also try out the one-man army mission and survive the waves of enemies for as long as you can.

Brothers In Arms 2 Free+

Relive the war scenes of World War II by becoming a soldier in the Brothers In Arms 2 Free+ game on your Android device. This game lets you experience what it’s like to be a soldier on the battlefield.

This game is a first-person shooting (FPS) game on your Android device. It features 3D graphics that makes the game more realistic. You also have to play the game with your headphones and enjoy the realistic sound effects such as the exploding grenades, the sound of fighter planes passing by, and the foreign languages spoken by your enemies. This game really reminds me of the popular PC game Call of Duty.

3d Bio Soldier Game

The game also features a shop that sells powerful weapons so you can equip yourself appropriately for your missions. You can purchase weapons by using the points you have accumulated from doing missions. Some items can only be bought by using Gold medals. You can get Gold medals through missions or exchanging your real money for one.

You can also play multiplayer mode with your friends using Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. Test your shooting skill and challenge up to 5 players in three different modes: free for all, team deathmatch, and domination.

Army Sniper

Point your Android device at terrorists and shoot them in the Army Sniper game on your Android device. This game will let you play the role of a professional sniper, and you’ll be tasked to take out terrorists in every mission. You will need steady hands and a sharp eye to able to defeat your foe.

Utilizing your device’s gyroscope, you can control the game by tilting your device. You will need to tilt your device in the right direction in order to properly aim at your foes. There are also two virtual buttons available on the screen: one for shooting and the other one for focusing your aim.

3d bio soldier game y8

Your main task in this game is to kill terrorists in every round. You don’t need to worry about ammunition because you will have unlimited bullets to use. But, you need to act fast or else your enemies will kill you. You will be given 5 lives for every mission. Use them all up and it’s game over.


The game comes with ads and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. You don’t need to worry because ads will only appear while launching the app and every after mission.

Major Mayhem


From the creator of the popular and addicting Robot Unicorn Attack game comes another entertaining game for your Android device. Get ready for some adrenaline pumping action with the Major Mayhem game.

This is a shooting, side-scrolling game for your Android device. But, it is not just an ordinary side-scrolling game because it features animated 3D graphics and rich animation that brings life to the game. You won’t need any arrow keys since the game will automatically move the hero as the game progresses. All you have to do is tap on your enemies to shoot them and tap two fingers on the screen to jump over obstacles.

Chinese Soldier 3d Model

You will be awarded with Gold for every enemy killed and mission accomplished. You can use Gold to buy additional weapons and armor. You can also customize your hero by buying clothes, armor, and headgear from the shop.

3d Printable Soldiers

Major Mayhem can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.